Flax seeds included in your diet
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Flax Seeds Tangy Turmeric

  • 100% Organic,Gluten-free, Vegan-friendly, No chemical preservatives, No Chemical additives, Not genetically engineered and Freshly Packed.
  • An ideal addition to vegetarian, vegan, whole food, paleo, ketogenic, and gluten-free diets.
  • Can Enjoy it with : DIY granola, overnight oatmeal, add them as your salad topping, sprinkle them to your cereal, add them to your smoothies, bread topping, bake it with your granola bars.
  • Seeds arrive ready in easy to use, BPA-free packaging.
  • Farm to Table, Product of India.

Soul Tatva Flax seeds make for a healthy addition to your diet and blend seamlessly into everyday meals- be it vegetables, breads, salads, or desserts. Flax seeds pave your way to a healthy heart, and a tastier meal.

Beneficial elements

  • High in Omega-3
  • Rich in Lignans
  • Good source of dietary Fibre

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Abhishek Kashyap
Convinient Pack

If you're looking for a convenient way to add nutrition to your diet, these flavored roasted flax seeds are a must-try.

Naina Ahmad
My Range Snack

I'm all about trying new flavors, and these roasted flax seeds offer a delightful range of options.

One bite to more Bite

Flavor and nutrition in one bite!

Sonali Saxena
Powerhouse Snacky pack

These seeds are a tasty powerhouse. Flavored Roasted Flax Seeds are a great addition to any diet.

Kim Paradise
Snacking on the go

Snacking just got healthier with these flavored roasted flax seeds. They're the ultimate guilt-free treat.