• What is a superfood?

    You've likely heard the word "superfood", or perhaps have seen it on food packaging or in ads. But what does it actually mean? At Soultatva, we like to define "superfood" as a plant-based food that is nutrient-dense, meaning it has a high concentration of nutrients to overall calories. Another way to think of it is that, for every bite, you're getting more of the good stuff—vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, and omegas—and less of the bad, like refined or processed ingredients. Superfoods can shine in different ways. Some contain large quantities of common nutrients like protein and minerals. Other superfoods contain nutrients that are unique or uncommon, including rare antioxidants, healthy fats (like omega-3s) and other beneficial plant compounds. In addition, for us, a superfood is also organic, non-GMO and minimally processed in order to protect its "super" quality and nutrient integrity. You can expect this from the products we offer.

  • Are your products safe for children?

    All of our superfoods are known to be safe for all ages and health states. However, we recommend consulting with your health professional if you have any specific questions or particular health concerns. A lot of our happy clients have switched a bag of chips with our sachet of seeds & nuts. We always take advice from our super mom clients.

  • What products do you offer?

    We have healthy alternatives that can be consumed at any time of the day. At Soultatva, we have a range of nuts, seeds, berries, trail mixes, dates to nourish your taste buds in the most wholesome way possible.

  • How many nuts should I eat every day?

    A healthy daily intake of nuts is a handful or approximately or approx. 20-25g. It's a myth that nuts are fattening! In fact, they contain ‘healthy fats’ which are extremely good for the body and help in weight management. However, they should be taken in the right quantity, only a handful which is around 10-15 pieces a day does wonders over a long period of time. At Soultatva, we believe that it's better to pay the “farmer” rather than the “pharma” later.

  • What are the health benefits of consuming various seeds?

    Have you ever been fascinated with the fact that a small & tiny looking seed can somehow grow into a tree/plant which is almost 10000 times its size or even more. Well thats because seeds are densely packed with plenty of nutrition. Hence, consuming even a spoonful everyday can be life changing in terms of enhancing better health, wellness, beauty, energy, endurance etc. A lot of seeds are High in Omega-3 Fats. They are high in plant based protein, may control cholesterol and blood pressure, improve digestive health, reduce the risk of cancer and may benefit people with diabetes. Each and every edible seed has an array of health benefits which is why one should adopt them in everyday meals.

  • What all gifting options are available?

    We offer gift hampers for festivals, weddings, corporate events and personal gifting. You can contact us further for more details at +91 90678 20009 or drop us an email at info@efiveorganics.com.

  • Do you cater to weddings, corporate giftings and festivals?

    Yes, we offer customised gift hampers to weddings, corporate giftings and other festive occasions. You can contact us further for more details at +91 90678 20009 or drop us an email at info@efiveorganics.com.

  • How many pieces are there in the single serving sachet of nuts?

    There are approx. 15 cashews/ 19 Almonds/ 28 Pistachio kernels in our single serving sachet of nuts.

  • How many pieces are there in the single serving sachet of seeds?

    Well !!!!! We always ended up losing count of it mid-way. But hey you can always help us out with that :))))

  • When can I eat them ?

    Keep the handy single serve pack in your bags at all times. They are great snacks for those who are on-the-go constantly, for a pre- or post-workout snack. You can have them in mid-morning or at 4pm with your cup of tea or coffee as well.

  • Do you offer coupons?

    We periodically offer online coupon codes that can be used right here! The best way to stay up to date on the latest online promotions, product news, recipes and more is to follow our instagram page. We also conduct contest over our instagram page where you can win exciting hampers and free goodies.

  • How can I partner with you as a SS/ Distributor/ Retailer?

    We value our strong relationships with our partners across the globe. If you are a SS/ Distributor/ Retailer looking to partner with us, please reach us at +91 90678 20009 or drop us an email at info@efiveorganics.com.